It is compulsory for all students to wear prescribed school uniform. All items of school regular and sports uniform, and other supports will be available at the uniform counter in the school. A list of items of uniform will be provided to the parents at the time of admission of their wards.

It is the duty of parents to ensure that their wards come to school neatly dressed.

i) Each pupil is expected to posses at least two sets of regular uniform.

ii) It is compulsory for the pupil to wear a clean uniform to school at school functions. Habitual defaulters in matters of uniform will be punished.

iii) ID cards is compulsory on all days.

iv) Use of nail color, long ear rings, bangles, gold jewellery, hair color, mobile phones, are not permitted.

v) If the child is not in full uniform for an unavoidable reason, the parents will have to sent a letter with the child.